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Why Use Hyperspectral Imagery?

An excellent article is written by Mr. Peg Shippert on "Why Use Hyperspectral Imagery?"

While multispectral images have been in regular use since the 1970s, the widespread use of hyperspectral images is a relatively recent trend. Hyperspectral imaging, also known as imaging spectrometry, is now a reasonably familiar concept in the world of remote sensing. However, for many remote sensing specialists who have not yet had the opportunity to use hyperspectral imagery in their work, the benefits of hyperspectral imagery may still be vague.

Through this article, the author Mr. Peg Shippert hope that People's interest in this promising technology will be sparked as they learn about the fascinating detail available in hyperspectral imagery; detailed information that is being harvested by an increasing number of investigators.

Credit : Mr. Peg Shippert. He is a Remote Sensing Specialist for RSI (,the makers of ENVI image analysis software and IDL data analysis andvisualization software. ENVI is widely known as a software tool forhyperspectral image analysis. Shippert earned a Ph.D. in physicalgeography from the University of Colorado and has more than 14years of experience analyzing multispectral and hyperspectral imageryin a wide variety of applications.

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