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Visit Geoinformers' Knowledge hub page

Visit our Knowledge hub page . It has a lots of information on Remote Sensing & GIS/Geoinformatics. The page is dedicated to provide a vast range of tutorials, Free E-books, Codes and E-books for programming in Python, Matlab and R with special emphasis on Geoinformation science. This page will also redirect you to the Videos page this page has videos on many techniques, Many videos are still under-development. One more link named as other resources has been provided that will provide you knowledge and link to download free GIS and RS softwares.

The books with fundamentals of RS & GIS. Written by renowned scientist/ writers. Very useful resource of knowledge.

Here currently, popular open source and freely downloadable software are listed and have direct download links.

This page is still under construction but still it has very useful videos. We'll try upload more videos for you.

Unmatched repository of programming lectures, books and codes for R, Python and Matlab.

Stay tuned for updates.

A wide range of tutorials for beginners and experts. A few important presentations by remote sensing faculties.

Pag is underdevelopment but has few good articles.

  • We invite you to share your knowledge with others through these pages. We'll publish your contribution in the appropriate category with your name.

  • Contribute your article, code, book, research paper, tutorial or any other stuff related to Remote sensing and GIS. We'll broadcast your contribution to the world with your name.

  • To contribute your article, just send in your attachment to

  • Don't forget to mention your contribution as comment in the bottom of this page.

  • Come experience the joy of sharing.


Mitali Chandra

Associate Editor


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