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Stubble (parali) Burning In North India through Satellite imaging

World view satellite of NASA has captured the thick smog over North India.

With the onset of winter season, farmers in Punjab and Haryana have been engaged in burning stubble (popularly known as parali). It's a banned practice now for sure, but some just don't have the finances to pursue other methods to clear their fields. And so, Delhi is suffocating again.

This has created a very critical situation in North India especially in Delhi NCR. In Delhi NCR, at some places, air quality index has been recorded as high as 450. NCR city Faridabad is the most polluted this time.

Image of 28 September, 2018 showing almost clear view of the area over Northern region

Image of 28 October, 2018 showing smoke over Northern region. 

NASA's world view satellites has captured the thick smog over this region. The images itself tells the story. 

Images courtesy : NASA

Gopal krishna

Doctoral Researcher

New Delhi,


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