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A springer book: Remote Sensing Application in Environmental Research

This ebook is freely downloadable. It has two sections I.e. classical application and advanced applications. Authors of this ebook belong to prestigious institutions like NASA, JNU- India, University of Bristol etc.

Satellite remote sensing has been transformed in less than 30 years from being a sparse research tool into a commodity product available to a broad user community. However, after three decades of remote sensing advancements, still there is a need for standardized data processing techniques that may take into account the special properties of remote sensing datasets. The major advantage of satellite images is that it varies in spectral, spatial, and temporal resolution, and therefore can be used for variety of applications and provide a more complete view of the observed objects. Hence, seminal views on recent advances in remote sensing techniques from classical to new advancements are very much required. (Taken from book) 

Gopal Krishna

Doctoral Researcher

New Delhi , India

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