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Doctoral Program in University of Trento,Italy

PhD Program in Information and Communication Technology


May 20, 2019, hrs. 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

07:30 PM (19:30) IST                              


The application must be completed and submitted by the above deadline, solely by the online system:

The application which you must select is "Doctoral School in Information and Communication Technology 35th cycle - First Call 2019"

Applicants who do not have an account at the University of Trento must register in advance at:

The application shall be subject to the payment of an application fee - non-refundable - amounting to € 15 to be paid by credit card, according to the instructions given in the application.

Applicants are advised to register well in advance with respect of the deadline because the issue of the username and password (sent via email), necessary to enter UNITN’s online services, may require up to 2 working days. 

The administration strongly recommends that applicants ensure that they have received the notification email confirming the definitive completion of the application procedure. Applicants are asked not to wait until the last days prior to the deadline before submitting their applications.

During the filling out of the online application, applicants must choose which research area and no more than two project specific grants (reserved topic scholarships) within the area they are interested to apply for.   

The area related to Remote Sensing is given below-

Area D (Curriculum 2: Telecommunications)

  • Distributed Sensing

  • Multimedia analysis

  • Pattern recognition

  • Remote Sensing and Radar

  • Signal processing 

  • Communication Systems 

  • Machine learning for signal and image analysis

For detailed information please visit :


Mitali Chandra

Associate Editor-Geoinformers

New Delhi, India

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