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Free of cost RADARSAT 1 images (about 0.7 million images)

The Canadian Space Agency, in collaboration with the Alaska Satellite Facility, NASA-USA and Natural Resources Canada, has come up together to provide RADARSAT-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images of Earth freely available to scientists, industry and the public. The 674,000 historical images are a significant increase to the 36,000 images already publicly available through the Government of Canada's Earth Observation Data Management System.

Fig: RADARSAT 1 satellite (Image Courtesy:

This image release initiative is part of Canada's Open Government efforts to encourage novel Big Data Analytic and machine learning activities by users. It also aligns with Canada's Space Strategy, which prioritizes acquiring and using space-based data to support science excellence, innovation and economic growth.
Taken with gratitude from CANADA.CA
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