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A web platform for assessing COVID-19 impact on Crop Harvesting and Air Pollution

Updated: May 19, 2020

The COVID-19 has become a global pandemic. Government of India has taken good precautionary measures well in advance to safeguard the health of Indian citizens. These precautionary measures proved to be quite effective in prevention of wide and quick spread of this pandemic in India, compared to Europe and America. Country wide lockdown was one of the most decisive preventive measure. But due to this lockdown, agricultural activities were also at a standstill. At the time, the lockdown was announced in India, Rabi crops were at their peak maturity stage and somewhere at harvesting stage.

Fig: 1Screenshots of web platform for Crop harvesting and air pollution monitoring

A team of ICARDA scientists immediately began developing a rapid assessment tool using Earth Observation images and big data analytics in the cloud computing domain. The crop monitoring tool was piloted in India, which undergoes the largest lockdown in the world and where a majority of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood and economy.

The near-real-time remote sensing analytics of Google Earth Engine provide rapid results to show comparative analytics of monitored crop harvesting progression, the dynamics of cropping systems in terms of active cropped area, crop fallows, length of fallow, and impact on air pollution.


Original article published at Big data platform, CGIAR


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