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NICFAI's high-resolution satellite imagery (Planet) available for analysis in GEE

The powerful geospatial cloud computing platform Google Earth Engine (GEE) has announced the launch of new high-resolution PLANET imagery (4.7m of spatial resolution) for monitoring tropical forests in Africa, America and Asia! 🛰️🌳

The satellite imagery of global tropics is available for analysis in GEE. This PLANET satellite imagery has been made available in partnership with Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFAI), Kongberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and Planet.

"In September 2020, Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment announced ~$43M of high-resolution tropical satellite monitoring to aid efforts in halting the destruction of the world’s rainforests. The cost of commercial satellite imagery has long prohibited many from employing it in their work. Expanding access to high resolution imagery enables greater use by academics, nonprofits, Indigenous communities, governments and forest managers, journalists, and the private sector. The Planet Basemaps from the NICFI Tropical Forest program are now available in Google Earth Engine for analysis and monitoring related to forest conservation and restoration, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, and more" (source and credits: article on medium By Brian Sullivan, Sr. Program Manager, Google Earth Engine).

Fig: Coverage of freely available PLANET imagery

Register for access at Planet’s NICFI page that also contains a program overview, FAQs, and terms of use.


(source: article on medium By Brian Sullivan, Sr. Program Manager, Google Earth Engine).

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