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Python code to Convert Layer-stacked Images into same Projection and Create a Mosaiced Image

(Code developed by Gopal Krishna)

Programming languages are faster than the GUIs. Specially, when we have to process lots of images, codes play a great role in doing the job faster.

When we mosaic multiple scenes, we require images to be in one projection. For Instance, if we are working with Sentinel-2 or Landsat images, they come in UTM projection. some times to cover a study area, multiple images are required and these images may be in different UTM zones. In order to mosaic these images, one need to convert all of them into same projection.

Following code first converts all the layerstacked images into Geographic Lat Long WGS84 projection. Once all the images are converted into same projection, this code will help create a mosaic image-

That's all, you have a mosaiced satellite image :)

Discussion thread is here.

Mitali Chandra

Associate Editor,

Geoinformers, New Delhi,


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