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Time-Lapse using Landsat satellite data through GEE

The #GoogleEarthEngine is the most stunning technological advancement in the Geoinformation science field. It has the capability to provide very useful analytics for decision making. It's great programmatic capabilities make it an inevitable tool for geo-spatial analysis.

Besides programming for analytics, it has powerful tools for Graphical User Interface (GUI) development. Though, Google Earth Engine apps are experimental still thousands of useful apps have already been developed by geospatial community.

Here is one example of a very useful Google earth Engine App, developed using Python and GEE api. -

Creating Landsat Timelapse

Steps to create a Landsat timelapse:
Pan and zoom to your region of interest.
Use the drawing tool to draw a rectangle anywhere on the map.
Adjust the parameters (e.g., start year, end year, title) if needed.
Check Upload to if you would like to download the GIF.
Click the Submit button to create a timelapse.

After area as well as parameters selection, Timelapse will look similar as given below-

Here is the output downloaded GIF that shows change in river course over the years-

Earlier without GEE this type of analysis was quite hard to execute but now using such apps, Big Remote Sensing data analysis is quite possible to conduct.

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