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Processing of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing data (click here)

Multispectral remote sensing data have been potentially explored in India for various applications. A major limitation of multispectral broadband remote sensing products is that they use average spectral information over broadband widths resulting in loss of critical information available in specific narrow bands. The narrow spectral channels that constitute hyperspectral sensors enable the detection of small spectral features that might otherwise be masked within the broader bands of multi-spectral scanner systems. However, use of hyperspectral remote sensing is still in nascent stage. Keeping in view, recent rapid advances in imaging spectroscopy and opportunities for unique applications hitherto thought to be infeasible using broad-band remote sensing, second short course under the aegis of DST-NRDMS initiative on hyperspectral remote sensing is being organized during Feb 18-27, 2013 to develop trained human resource on hyperspectral remote sensing and its application in agriculture. The publication on “Processing of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data” will be a guide book to process and analyze the hyperspectral data collected through spectroradiometer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and EO-1 Hyperion sensor.

By Sahoo R. N., Pargal, S., Pradhan, S., Krishna, G. and Gupta, V.K

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