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Satellite Images revealed present situation at disputed Doklam

Use of satellite imageries has proved their utility in identifying key strategic changes made by China in disputed Doklam platue. India and China ended a 70-day standoff in the region that lies to the east of Sikkim. But high resolution satellite images available at Google Earth reveals that China has created a massive full-fledged Chinese military complex in Doklam.

The use of high resolution satellite data reveals that Chinese military complex is spread near paved road. Key strategic troop positions, helicopter pads (halipads) and military vehicles are clearly visible in the images.

Geographical situation in Doklam-

Comparative image analysis for year 2011 and 2017

This type of comparison is very useful for identification of changes over the time. The involvement of high resolution satellite data has made it possible.

Recent Changes visible through satellite data (year 2017)-

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