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The ArcGIS Imagery Book by ESRI: PDF book is free of cost

The purpose of this book is to show you—the GIS professional, app developer, web designer, or virtually any other type of technologist—how to become a GIS and imagery ace. Or put another way, to become someone who is a smarter, more skillful, and more powerful applier of image data within a GIS. Imagery is suddenly a big deal, and those who are adept at finding it, analyzing it, and understanding what it actually means are going to be in demand in the years ahead. 

There are several potential audiences for this book. The first is the worldwide professional GIS and mapping community, the people who work with maps and geospatial data every day, in particular those who wish to do more with imagery in their GIS applications. If you’re a data scientist, cartographer, part of a government agency staff, urban planner, or other GIS professional, you already may be leveraging the web and pushing geographic information out to the public. You may already instinctively recognize the inherent value of imagery as an amazing data capture technology that integrates well with traditional vector-based geospatial data. (Taken from the prelude of the book)

Chapters of the book are given below- 

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