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UN-SPIDER Updates May 2019

What is UN-SPIDER?

UN SPIDER is part of United Nations office for outer space affairs. SPIDER stands for SPace based Information for Disaster management and Emergency Response.

Mission statement :

In more detail, In its resolution 61/110 of 14 December 2006 the United Nations General Assembly agreed to establish the "United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response - UN-SPIDER" as a new United Nations programme, with the following mission statement:

"Ensure that all countries and international and regional organizations have access to and develop the capacity to use all types of space-based information to support the full disaster management cycle".

The May 2019 UN-SPIDER Monthly Updates has been released.

In the updates, you'll also find an events calendar with upcoming conferences, workshops and seminars organized by the community. Enjoy the read in UN-SPIDER at a glance!

Get the full detailed page at-

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